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Teacher Jacob Jaeger

Born in São José do Hortêncio, Jacob Jaeger (* 1857 +1943) was the son of immigrant Franz Adolph Jaeger and Catharina Elisabeth Schuck. His father Adolph was the first teacher of the family, beginning his career as an educator in the town of Feliz, where he builded one of the first schools in the locality, inside his home.

Jacob lived in the Vale do Caí in the first years of life, still small, he accompanied his parents and brothers who emigrated to Porto Alegre in search of better prospects in life. His father also worked with wires, since the income was small as a teacher to keep the whole family.

In the first years he helped his father Jacob and his three brothers, George, Henrique and João Baptista. Later, the four were studying at the Institute of Education of Porto Alegre. Jacob was one of the first teachers of the state in his first years of work, he returned to the Vale do Caí where he married Anna Reichert (also a native of São José do Hortêncio) in 1881.

Jacob was a professor at St. Vendelino and lived many years in Sâo Sebastião do Caí, where he owned a small photographic studio. The house he lived in was very old, the photos were revealed in the cellar. After more than ten years in the Vale do Caí, where their first children were born, Jacob was transferred to Nova Petropolis.

From Nova Petrópolis, Jacob was transferred to Picada São Paulo, in Morro Reuter where he taught for many years. Even far from his home, Jacob had proximity to the region, his parents lived with her sister Maria Jaeger in Vale do Caí. Mary was the first teacher of the Bom Princípio.

When he retired, Jaeger took up residence in São Leopoldo. He belonged to a family of religious educators and all teachers were brothers of Jacob. 5 of his 10 children also dedicated themselves to teaching. Professor Jaeger died in 1943. In his tribute there is a school with his name in Pinhal Alto, Nova Petropolis, and a street with his name in the municipality of São Leopoldo.

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